Quiet Life of Desperation

Aug 30, 2007

Was out for a run this morning before sunrise and was shocked to see the major arteries filling with cars at such an early hour. Thankfully, my inspiration and guding light has paved the path of self determination instead of a quiet life of desperation. An associate and I were exchanging thoughts last night and she confirmed the depth of fear that she has been encountering in the lives of people holding jobs. Upon concurring with her assessment, I am comfortable exclaiming that for most, the prospect of plunging into a commitment based on resolve of the self in the spirit of ultimate entrepreneurial expression is too much of an undertaking. Most people have not brought themselves to the threshold of demanding change. Excuses have often worked so well over time that they continue to be a good crutch.

“If you are an employee and feel out of control, consider what you can do on a part-time basis (ie. start a part-time business) to change that. You will be amazed at how quickly your confidence increases, just from feeling more in control of your life.”

– Donald Trump –

Our Longest Days

June 24, 2007

June is my favorite month because of the late sunset and the emergence of female mid riffs not to mention our longest days. I can loiter around the tennis court with acquaintances made while looking for hitting partners. It’s refreshing learning about the lives of new people. The paved trails have been groomed for blading, and the driving range fills with hopefuls that the swing will be better this year. People seem to reach out a bit more in the spring. Vacation planning hits full stride with families more engaged as school winds down. The soccer pitch behind my home is abuzz with cheers of triumph.

June is also a time where we look forward to the Stampede here in Calgary (1st week in July). There are many cynics that observe the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” as over commercialized and too expensive. Well. I suppose another source of income would help! The events are very well organized and few details are left amiss. It is a time when the whole city likes to spend and celebrate.

Rockets Red Glare

June 11, 2007

Well the Albanians love George Bush and ya can bet it’s not ’cause of his personality. This is a nation that has struggled asserting its autonomy and sees George Bush as a symbol of freedom and hope. The nightly news is a huge reminder of the privilege bestowed upon us first world democratic citizens. It hurts me on a daily basis to witness hopeless souls trade time for money in low paying jobs without deploying the seeds of capitalism as a tool to improve their lives. Internet and e-commerce is now available to the masses. The cost of entry has now declined to the point where the capital risk component has been eliminated. If you are reading this message now, I encourage you to get informed. If you are not a professional, a traditional business owner burdened with a large capital outlay, a tradesman stuck in the bush, or independently wealth, then please do some reading on the growth of e-commerce and non-traditional business. A great place to start would be to listen to the video on my page. This man has a message for you.

Busted Out

June 2, 2007

The sly poker players realize that they’ll bust out many more times than make trips to the final table. Family, friends, and associates will look upon them as operating with a few loose screws but the brave soldiers on fully cognizant that with practice comes experience and ultimately an adjustment in conditioning and ultimately success. However; the stubborn seldom succeed. The conditioned response must remain pliable and accepting of the cards that are dealt. In fact the inkling affinity of some conspiracy against success must evaporate from any hint of operation in the subconscious mind for the cards to start falling in favor. Such is often the way in life.

I met a smart 23 year old young man in a line up today. Upon learning that he was working in production for a steel fabrication company, I was surprised given that he had the look of a college preppie. Good on him to exploit a red hot economy right now while his friends spend the big bucks on tuition. I was impressed by his open mind. Youth have no fear because they’ve had fewer hands to play but are keen to engage in a heads up confrontation. Fold’em or raise, most winners take stabs at the pot.

Little Bit of Eustress

May 21, 2007

Learned this term Eustress in “Growth and Development” class in university. Was reminded of it on a conference call a few months back and again today upon leafing through one of my fave’s by Mandino.

“All too often we humans indulge in the cowardice of being too ‘careful’, selling out for a promise of security. And we get cheated. You’ve ssen it. The futility of using ones job as a place to hide. It’s futile to live for some future time when things will be different, believing that as soon as ‘I’m older,’ richer,’ ‘more educated,’ (or in a more sophisticated vein: ‘when I finish my therapy’) then all will be well ….dream on, for these are but futile delusions.”

– Og Mandino

The thoughts you processed today are enormous and they make up your identity which oftentimes goes unpublished and open to constant editing. The filter is mostly set to high and Og claims that you “insure yourself against danger.” Indeed, we’ve been conditioned to hold back in a fashion confined to society’s norms but have we not taken this lesson too far by repressing our inner most sanctum which reflects our true identity? Since when has the liberty police imposed sanctions against your free will to act passionately in a way that serves yourself and your fellow man? Speak up and be heard my friends.

“The pilgrims and the people with Columbus didn’t board up on three ships and come to America to get a job.” – Severn

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