Brief Musing on State of Education

It’s a perceived conundrum for teachers witness to the brightest in their class. On the one hand, the kid needs to be challenged and on the other the teacher could use his /her help. There are thoughts that fast tracking advancement through the grades chronologically would pose social development implications.

Toward the latter end of my mother’s teaching career she was assigned under achievers with behavioral issues and despite her spirited approach, the experience for her was disillusioning. There were students who had no business wasting the resources of the school system and despite rearing six of her own kids, she was faced with issues around behavior predominantly while attempting to execute a curriculum. Our liberal ways have led to the mediocrity in which you refer Colin. The lack of discipline in people’s lives is evident at every turn but if you call them out, you are the one who will be perceived as the villain. We become only the cumulated experience of our past without the developed mind of discernment developed through task and test.