Busted Out

June 2, 2007

The sly poker players realize that they’ll bust out many more times than make trips to the final table. Family, friends, and associates will look upon them as operating with a few loose screws but the brave soldiers on fully cognizant that with practice comes experience and ultimately an adjustment in conditioning and ultimately success. However; the stubborn seldom succeed. The conditioned response must remain pliable and accepting of the cards that are dealt. In fact the inkling affinity of some conspiracy against success must evaporate from any hint of operation in the subconscious mind for the cards to start falling in favor. Such is often the way in life.

I met a smart 23 year old young man in a line up today. Upon learning that he was working in production for a steel fabrication company, I was surprised given that he had the look of a college preppie. Good on him to exploit a red hot economy right now while his friends spend the big bucks on tuition. I was impressed by his open mind. Youth have no fear because they’ve had fewer hands to play but are keen to engage in a heads up confrontation. Fold’em or raise, most winners take stabs at the pot.

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