Consquences Of Ignorance

There are consequences of ignorance. No kiddng right. Just look at the quagmire of the U.S political system and the influence of a degenerate by the name of Donald Trump. The vast majority of Americans do not possess a college education and there is a cultural gulf within the country because of the disparity. Donald Trump with his immoral and brash character represents the anti-establishment. It’s obvious that Donald Trump in the minds of the marginalized can do no wrong because he is symbolized as someone who gives them a voice to challenge the perceived “elite”. Certainly, there’s more to the phenomenon than a void in education because there is a contingent of well read Americans and even Canadians which were duped by this repugnant man.

The two party system and the mechanics of democracy put the populous oftentimes into a position of picking the lesser of two evils which then moves folks to rationalize bad as opposed to voting for good. The whole premise of the “American Dream” is then articulated within a system of complexity and compromise. Expatriates of the U.S. have made their case for departure as opposed to navigating a system enthralled with such compromise feeling isolated from influence directed to Washington by lobbyists of every cause thereby usurping principles related to the American Dream. This is the condition of the U.S. political system in which Donald Trump has been able to carve oxygen. It’s astonishing and will be regarded historically as a depressing period within the collective American psyche.