Functional Food Neutralizes Free Radicals

Homeostasis is what your body seeks but it can not find balance in an acidic state.  North Americans typically have a physiology out of balance primarily due to excess sugars and wonder why they’re fatigued making trips to doctors while taking drugs for the most benign of symptoms.  Your diet is paramount.  Polysaccharides and polypeptides provide your cells with the vitality required for optimal metabolic flow.  These are complex carbohydrates and bioavailable amino acids.  You don’t get them from twinkies and ice cream but you can get them through a select fraction of rice grain grown in the Siam Valley of Thailand.  Few are aware that there are numerous species of rice of which some are more nutritionally potent than others.  Hydrolyze one of the more potent strains and then apply nanotechnology thereby reducing particle size for optimal absorbtion and you effectively increase the ability of the mitochondria of the cell to produce energy.  I’ve been taking commercially available polysaccharides / polypeptides for years now daily in my diet thanks to an introduction by a friend who studies blood and conducts clinics.

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