Gondek Booed At Flames Game

She seemed to have handled it well. It would be best though if cultural ceremonies were kept clear of the sporting arena. There are other venues and opportunities to honor the those deserving of society’s recognition. Those folks after all are paying stupid ticket prices to watch hockey.

I’ll say this about Gondek and City Hall. This woman did work some overtime back in the fall during an occasion to hear from the public on the housing crisis. You could have went to see what was up. I was there. She listened attentively. She has also dealt with some hate directed toward her residence. The police had to step in. She has also dealt with increases in demands by constituents lobbying for the Green Line and its construction. Then of course there is the replacement to the Saddledome which has had much contention due to the expectation of taxpayer participation. Many of those same advocates for a new arena are those complaining about a property tax increase. There has been administrative oversight in updating venues and the never ending oversight of new public works and community development. She will be busy managing conflicting interests while staying true to her ideal of what lead her to public office in the first place. In lieu of some pressure…..apparently she got involved with some sipping straws. If this is why you were booing at the game ignorant of her tasks in aggregate…shame on you. Most of the larger decisions at City Hall are made in context of a council made of people from diverse backgrounds. They hold votes and she casts hers singularly.