Government Missteps Galore

Yet another apology. You’ve witnessed government missteps galore .This time because of inviting some guy into the House of Commons despite his unsavory history. I have a suggestion for government officials. Our country has a mechanism for bestowing special honors on our citizens. They need not show up in the House of Commons. This institution has been built so that you can tend to our business. It’s not a Merry Go Round to serve your special interests.

If you are an MP, I hope you are embarrassed for standing and clapping for somebody who’s history was little known to you. I expect you to operate with your conscience and not by acquiescing to expectations of party lines or expected decorum which in your opinion may be out of bounds.  Your good conscience carries weight amongst the electorate. You were in fact vetted by the electorate when we sent you to Ottawa.

Now Justin Trudeau is apologizing on behalf of “all of those in this house” but I suspect few of them had authorized personally the recognition last Friday of this man who had fought for Nazi Germany. 

This issue speaks to a larger issue of mismanagement with the federal government. The utilization of government platforms for stroking the ego of politicians and their good friends is and always has been a disservice to the Canadians who look to such institutions to serve them through good governance and good governance only.