Government of Alberta Believes Men Lack

Social engineering is now where your tax dollars are headed. Some sick Hollywood producer assaults women and now the Alberta Government is compelled to fix “the man” in the work place with a “program” for you to attend with $50,000 of your tax money. Let’s be clear. This garbage is the precise kind of policy that puts men like Donald Trump in office!

For every man reading this piece, your government believes you are less than whole. They think you’ve been conditioned to treat women poorly. Whether it’s the single parent family, genetics, your psychological make-up, the influence of a program peddler (Benevity Inc.), the effects of gaming as a child, or shear misogynist rebuke to blame, your socialist government has now put itself in the business heading down the road of “fixing” half of its population. Well, it’s only $50,000 you ask and the half of Alberta could not possibly be served with such a sum. There’s no sugar coating the message and the principle.

Revelations of Harvey Weinstein of whom Hollywood women and men apparently failed to hold to account over the years during numerous episodes of apparent rape and sexual assault of which laws on the books would have saved tens of women from his wrath, have apparently inspired one woman in political power in Alberta to seize opportunity of media buzz around the travesty by patronizing the good men of Alberta.

The good women of Alberta…. you have naturalized power with your tongue to deal effectively with any “a@@hole” in supervision. No government can sanction legal conduct of a person with poor moral character. It is every employees’ right to leave any such man without his soldier’s energy to win at the capitalist pursuit. If you are assaulted, it is your solemn duty to report the crime so that this man can be dealt with in the justice system. If your justice system is ineffective and does not provide you with the timeliness and dignity of proceedings, it is then your duty to assemble as an advocacy for improvement.

The good men of Alberta….if you witness any man in supervision treating a woman or another man carelessly in the workplace or any other place, it is your duty to confront this man and take up his behaviour with him. If you witness a crime committed by this man, it is your duty to report the crime to authorities. This is not rocket science.

This Albertan is getting sick and tired of a government that wants to inject itself into places where it does not belong.