Islamophobia Government Motion

I premise my remarks by exclaiming that religion does not belong in the halls where governments administer legislation nor should legislation in any way be impacted by the interests of a religion.  Secondly, I harbour absolutely no bias toward one religion versus another.  Every individual should have their absolute freedom to express their religion so long as their expression does not impinge upon another’s ability to do so or for the activities of a group to function.  Symbols of a religion should not be permitted in the premises of a secular legislative assembly.  Law enforcement must dutifully execute hate laws to the letter of the criminal code and in fact if hate legislation needs to be strengthened in the context of a modernizing world, then so be it.  In fact, if it wasn’t for indifference by administrative officials in our education system, adolescent lives could have been saved from bullying.

In lieu of my premise, the more I see these headlines of special interest groups attempting to garner comfort from my government, the more I see red.  What is becoming of my governments?  Have they become counselling chambers for the dispossessed?  Have they become social engineering committees for those ill equipped to compete in a capitalist market?  Have they become meeting places for lobbyists to sojourn?  Have they become trading pits for swapping wealth?   Could there be a swath of Canada growing impatient with government overreach emerging similar to the U.S. rust belt which thrust Donald Trump into power?  Here is a message for Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley from this tax accountant who has now witnessed a 47 per cent top marginal Alberta tax rate pinned upon the most successful.  Our forefathers did not serve dutifully in war for their descendants to become extorted from financially by you! (extortion – oppressive or illegal exaction, as of excessive price or interest).  Start delivering an agenda that serves folks who fuel the salaries of those sitting on the public purse!  Get our $160 million dollar per day debt paid down by doing the responsible thing.  Rein in spending and get our country’s financial health in order so that Canadians can become unencumbered by an irrational tax rate!