O’Leary’s Quest for Conservative Leadership

This man meandered his way into the consciousness of Canadians through his activities in entrepreneurial game shows and CBC spots as political and business pundit.  Apparently, he has achieved a business win through the sale of a company and it’s evident that he possesses oratory and leadership like skills.  Additionally, he seems sincere in reaching out to deliver positive change.  However; I’m struck by his boorishness.  He seems to lack the empathy for listening to the flip side of an argument which in my estimation is a key ingredient for holding power in public office.  Canadians are looking for a leader who possesses the conviction to deliver with strength in order to convert an ideal into policy and for this it seems like this man may be ideally suited should he begin to show signs of personal humility.  He is thankfully a capitalist at a time when the socialist sentiment is beginning to erode the power of our great nation.  In contrast to the projected opinion of the journalistic elite, I believe there to be no particular political liability in a unilingual Canadian seeking the highest office in the land given that he is endowed with a motivation to learn our other official language.  When one reviews the educational and ancestral roots of our country one concludes that unilingual English Canadians should be as deserving of their quest for high office as is any other Canadian who had bilingual access as a norm to their native Canadian homeland.  Mr. O’leary’s entrance into the Conservative Party’s leadership contest should add spice to our political debate.