One Tough Woman

The “one tough woman” phrase gets me thinking.  Yes, it’s arisen in the context of one newbie politician attempting to walk back insults directed toward his adversary.  However; the basis of female toughness deserves scrutiny.  Call me old fashioned but I like a woman that’s not tougher than me.  I like chivalry in places and I like the interpersonal dynamic of a woman in my company who’s not fighting for equality at every turn.  Bonding is beautified in the context of protection.  The act of protecting is goodness in men’s nature and I’m suspicious of any particular woman’s compulsion to equate in the most ridiculous of situations.  I admire those women who are in fact mentally sharper than their husbands but have a skill in managing their prowess in the context of the relationship.  Genuine joy is predominant in softness as opposed to toughness.  Life requires toughness but couples require softness in order for chemistry to endure.  We are caring when our emotional posture moves like a free flowing pendulum in our daily lives ensuring that we mirror our environment existentially.