Out of the Valley – Book Review

Are you intrigued by the psychodynamics of dating? Have you ever wondered if that man or woman of yesteryear could have been the one? Have you suspected that that articulate attractive and poised person of interest may just have a chink in the armour? Then, Out of the Valley is for you. Cam Clark’s well constructed characters of Scott and Candice will have you reaching for this paper back at every idle moment. Although cast in darkness, it’s unwound through evolution and discovery. You’re there at their dinner table. You are transfixed by what will come of the text messages.

Cam juxtaposes between thoughts and words helping you with the disconnect. It’s the most appealing portrayal of human nature’s propensity for reservation in the face of fear. There is adversity and its confrontation. There is modesty in Scott’s manner. There is revelation in undiscovered strength and there is plot which hosts this pair. 

Have you ever found yourself in the valley? Perhaps, you’re there right now grasping for a foot hold up the escarpment in need of some edification. Cam describes the view from the valley with eloquence and meanders through the depths with gracefulness not representative of the state but typical of his writing style. 

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