People Unsettled

Never has there been a time when people have been so unsettled psychologically. It’s obvious. All that you really need as a metric are the number of references to “mental health” within media and social circles. Many have problems….but why?

Our organization as a society may not be serving citizens as effectively today as it did in generations past.  Merit played more of a role toward ascribing contributions by employees in the past compared to today. While the eight figure CEO flaunts financials with a direct correlation toward his / her leadership, the inputs transpired far beyond the four walls of a window office in Class A office space downtown.  A tax systems looks to redistribute his /her wealth with a progressive system whereby fair beneficiaries aren’t necessarily accessing resources due to broken governmental systems. Poor stewards of tax dollars behave indifferently toward the disadvantaged and culturally we suffer with subconscious minds afflicted.

A despondent state arises because of advocacy fatigue. We think we should be doing more to help but bureaucracy blunts initiative. We turn a blind eye and look inward with attention on what we know we can control.

Certainly, there is a physiological attribution toward some mental health afflictions but I suggest that daily observations of how we are treating each other factor into the manifesting of feeling what we feel. In powerlessness comes despair. If one feels that every outreach will fall on deaf ears, one withdraws. Any psychologist will likely attest that a withdrawn soul infects the spirit. I suggest that withdrawn souls must be mended so that tears in the social fabric can be mended.

We must be more intuitive and less self interested in order to have impact on those less fortunate. We must re-evaluate our reason for being in order to generate activities which deploy contributions of our full potential and eventual legacy. Our stock performance… although worthy of our attention need not be a preoccupation. Neither do we need to upgrade to the latest Mercedes model.  However; we do need to advocate for those less fortunate if we are blessed with such skills which they do not possess.  As such, we are more comfortable in our well deserving material world spreading words of hope and forgiveness. In complement we must help authorities adhere to their responsibility of accountability for members of society who break our laws.

With greater participation sociologically by people positioned to serve unofficially, we will heal our culture. We will foster private participation in cultural development initiatives and even undertake a renewal of “multicultural” expression.  All this can be done without a cell phone app.