Republican Running Mate Speculation

Having watched the F.O video of Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene when interviewed by Emily Maitlis, it’s become apparent that Taylor Greene will become the Democratic favourite for Trump’s running mate. One look at her Wiki page and it’s clear to see that her penchant for “conspiracy theories” and radical ignorant statements will prove perfect fodder for those seeking to discredit the” dystopian” (CNN’s characterization) ticket.

A challenge for the Democratic campaign will be that of making proposals and arguments to a large contingent of Americans that are so disenfranchised with their plight that the Trump ticket represents the only change radical enough to provide any kind of a boost to their plight. The other day, a youtube vlogger took a rural trip along New Mexico’s forgotten highways where townships recede in population and buildings are left dilapidated exemplary of industrial America in decline. Similar stories blight the maps of sorry old manufacturing towns across the U.S.

When you stop and think about it – political argument doesn’t much matter if one feels abandoned by the “American Dream”. Obviously, given the results of Super Tuesday, no amount of scandal, negligence, civil or criminal legal infractions by Trump are going to sway a populous who are simply fed up with the status quo. In fact, his troubles are likely relatable to his followers. The incredulity of a conspiracy theory means nothing to someone who is busted spiritually and financially. Representations of the “Deep State” irrespective of the term’s ambiguity can be interpreted to apply broadly to those feeling victimized with powerlessness in the face of economic change.

There is blame to be shared for the shattering of souls across America and the political dogma reaches for propaganda like terms of convenience when confronted by an electorate unmotivated to exercise objective thought in context of despair. This in essence is the biggest risk for a democracy.

The State of The Union goes off tonight and pundits suggest that a weary looking Biden needs to express  much fight and intention.