Thanks Anita

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”~Mother Teresa (Let’s Follow Her Lead). Thanks to Anita for her update.

Subscribers to Twitter are fabulous at digging up some stunning quotes. I appreciate their efforts. It’s a place for the banal and the brilliant depending on whom you “follow”. It’s remarkable the press that this new social cyber tool has attracted lately.

As a loyal follower to the Korelin Economics Report, I’d also like to congratulate Jay Taylor on the launch of his new radio program on Voice America. Jay appears regularly on BNN up here in Canada and his model portfolio (resource stocks with an emphasis on precious metals) has performed exceptionally well during this period of market instablility. This is a fellow that articulates his positions well and I look forward to seeing him live in Calgary on the weekend of April 4th when he appears at the Gold Show.


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