Travel Fiasco Xmas 2022 & Customer Service Generally

There was a travel fiasco during Xmas of 2022. It’s about values and conscientiousness. If values have been eroded and folks don’t care, service levels suffer. If an ego is so activated, there is trepidation with communication in fear of culpability. In a nutshell, this is what would have happened in the airline industry during Christmas of 2022. Things were off the rails and folks were patronized instead of treated with dignity. Let’s be clear. It’s undignified to basically hold one hostage with an absence of information.

Today the big wheels convene to sort out the mess and review the “Passenger Bill of Rights”. This amendment will be interesting in the context of competing interests and international differences in standards. 

Generally, there has been a wholehearted movement away from the telephone. The telephone is brilliant technology much more adept at handling multiple topics quickly without the need for typing skills. It has been a conduit for conducting commercial transaction for over a century. In fact, vocal tones in and of themselves along with what is not said provides for positivity in an exchange. Yet, newer generations swipe dismiss and fail to check their voice mail. 

Just today I spoke in consternation with a firm which has also admitted to dropping the ball in their relationship with me. Of course, all of the particular wheel spinning could have been avoided with a transparent adroit phone call.

You are right now involved in relationships with large corporations which do the following:

  1. They send you emails with the term “no-reply” in their email address.
  2. Do not provide a 1-800 number for service.
  3. Require you to deploy a smart phone to conduct a transaction only when an in person or voice telephone means is practical.
  4. Receive emails from service agents who do not include their name and /or phone number in the signature of an email.
  5. Have failed to notate relevant particulars to your account therefore requiring its repeat on subsequent outreach.
  6. Take up your valuable time with their propaganda in an outgoing phone message prior to providing a prompt.

You have mostly thrown up your arms in apathy because you feel there is no recourse. Then you become the one sleeping on an airport floor with your two year old.