Roger Shah Sampler

Following is the ordinal presentation of four tracks from Roger Shah’s Magical Island – Music For Balearic People Volume Five.  It’s artful how he put these particular tracks together in this two CD set.

You come to discover the quality of this release at “Balearic Session – Visitas”.  Naturally infused with a trance beat, the tempo alters adding dimension.  The harmonic undulating synthesizer brings it in after a subtle catchy set of chords.  Well positioned chimes soften the beat and there’s silkiness to the sound putting you on notice that this is good music.

“When You’re Here” with Shah and Aisling Jarvis is a continuation and keeps pace flowing naturally with brightness.  Jarvis has a comforting voice which fades in and out weaving you through a mosaic like auditory quilt.  You’re now tracking into a new mood spellbound by a DJ cognizant of how to captivate your senses subliminally.  You are grateful.

Next up is “Could This Be Love” with Brian Laruso and Mila Falls.  A little more pop like, synthesizers and percussion still pulse keeping Falls in line within a soft romantic range.  The same reverberating ambience pervades and we align.

Raul Pablo Sanchez next sings “Million Questions”.  Now that we’re more impressionable, Pablo accompanies with vocals absent of vocabulary like a Buddha.  This medium alto gets inquisitive with a provocative theme.  Simpler and more impactful than predecessor pieces, Sanches delivers groove while subsequently articulating the language and communicating a message.  The denouement fades into Dimension by Verano.

Verano elevates, pulls back and then thrusts forward in a kicking chord progression which then bounces right into some rave like trance.  You turn the dial, phase out, or turn to your neighbour for the repartee amiss having been subject to a period of profound musical bliss….but then you’re right back to another remix accentuating lovely female vocals in “Back To Paradise.”  You’ll be in paradise should you investigate Shah’s Balearic Music Montage.


The Passing of Bud Collins

Bud was flamboyant in dress and crafty with language.  If the aesthetics of a running backhand passing shot wasn’t enough for you visually, Bud was there to fill in the blanks with outlandish metaphors far from the confines of a tennis court.  He was light in ego while heavy in wit and admired by throngs of tennis supporters and players.  His apparent friendliness with tour players added a new dimension to viewership seldom ever witnessed from a living room.  Bud’s enthusiasm for the sport was only surpassed by his mastery of vocabulary as demonstrated by outbursts of color commentary sprinkled with euphony and alliteration.  Although distant as a witness to his charm in appreciation, there will be those many heavy hearts on this day who were regulars to his antics and light hearted humour.  A side bar takes centre stage today and is elevated.