The Passing of Bud Collins

Bud was flamboyant in dress and crafty with language.  If the aesthetics of a running backhand passing shot wasn’t enough for you visually, Bud was there to fill in the blanks with outlandish metaphors far from the confines of a tennis court.  He was light in ego while heavy in wit and admired by throngs of tennis supporters and players.  His apparent friendliness with tour players added a new dimension to viewership seldom ever witnessed from a living room.  Bud’s enthusiasm for the sport was only surpassed by his mastery of vocabulary as demonstrated by outbursts of color commentary sprinkled with euphony and alliteration.  Although distant as a witness to his charm in appreciation, there will be those many heavy hearts on this day who were regulars to his antics and light hearted humour.  A side bar takes centre stage today and is elevated.