Ain’t No Such Thing As A Good Job

Okay, this header is a direct quote from a mentor Dave Severn. Apparently, back when he had good English (Ain’t) he was broke.  In fact, the whole theme of this post reflects on Dave’s famous speech, “Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink”.  Dave has always been charismatic with his metaphors.

I started my own company back in 2002.  My disposition has always contrasted with a corporate culture loaded with onerous dogmatism and self celebrated ego.  If it’s a rat race, do you really want to participate?  Call it what it is and then get off your rusty dusty (thanks for this one too Dave) and do something about it.  The pilgrims with Columbus didn’t board up on three ships and come to America to get a job (defer once again to you Dave).  So, what’s holding you back?  Is the responsibility of self employment too much to bear?  Is it the prospect of running at least a couple of calendar quarters in the red?  What about the spouse?  Can he/ she eat wieners and beans during the last few days of the month in the beginning as a compromise for fulfilling a freedom dream?  I can’t remember the last time I showed up at the office before 8:30am.  How ‘bout you?  Believe me – sleeping in on weekdays really is a good thing. Rush hour traffic only became a reminder yesterday upon traveling to see a friend play tennis.

You can change jobs if you don’t like your situation.  You might just be going from bad to worse once you become witness to the underlying dysfunctional subculture of your new company.  These kinds of intangibles don’t tend to rear their ugly heads until y’er about two weeks in and good luck attempting to discern them during your job interview.  Then bite the bullet (Dave, you master of alliteration) and hang on for the ride….perhaps some sleepless nights and frustrations manifesting on the home front.  In the mornings while shaving you can rehearse the mantra, yes sir, yes sir, yes sir.  May just help you cope.

Capitalism doesn’t get taught in schools as you know.  Have you ever met a wealthy professor (again, your line Dave)?  The brilliant capitalists often tend to drop out of school because they have too much to offer and are anxious to get on with it.  Who develops the curriculum?  You guessed it and it’s a fat chance that they’ve ever drafted an invoice or sold a commercial good.

Your best years of your life are before 65, wouldn’t you say, so………?

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