Media’s Contribution To Dysfunction

I enjoy reading news articles on the internet.  However; it may become more difficult to access good articles in the future due to this incessant compulsion for news outlets to have us “register” for their service.  Up to now, clearing browser cookies regularly has reset the limited article count back to zero.   Advertisement dollars do not appear to be sufficient for news outlets and they want your credit card.   The quality of writing and information flow doesn’t seem to justify it.

On July 15th the Vancouver Sun has directed us to “How To Beat Grief of Lost Job”.  Folks might count themselves lucky rather than load internet space with unfounded grief. Also on July 15th Christie Blatchford from Postmedia News suggests that Calgary deserves to know more about the case of missing grandparents and child in spite of the Police Chief entailing that their murder prosecution would possibly be compromised.  What business is it of mine or yours assuming we have confidence in our police force!

Then there’s the story of the unripe square water melons aired by CTV News on this same day.  Apparently a Vancouver retailer is asking $199.99 for each.  If the purpose of this story to illuminate the idiocy of humanity, rest assured, we are witness to this on frequent days simply driving the city streets.

How about the J Crew story (once again on the very same day of July 15th) whereby eating disorder experts are expressing indignant retorts to the announcement that J Crew will produce 000 sized clothes for women.  Capitalism is a great construct.  Boycott their stores in protest by not shopping there!  I’m not stopping you and neither are other sojourners of cyber space.

…..and for the small sampling of stories not covered but of interest to a civil society seeking justice, security, growth, and perpetual liberty:

  1. Strength of monetary system
  2. Scrutiny of policy platforms of Alberta Progressive Conservative candidates
  3. Canadian arctic sovereignty
  4. Legal system’s shortcomings
  5. Public expenditures – waste versus value
  6. Reflections on successful functioning social, business, and governmental constructs

Message to the producers of news…you are losing your way and your credibility by seeking the incredulous rather than matters consequential of mankind’s future well being.

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