Banks Purport Expertise in “Job Quality”

Regularly I’m amused by premises drawn by economists, bankers, and politicians when they reflect upon what they think is good for you.  The latest report is “job quality”.  It’s been surmised that if you are “self-employed” then your job is of lesser quality than those who work for someone else.  As you are well aware, the only metric available to bankers is “money”.  Bankers do not have access to your lifestyle, your commute, your convenient access to family, your sense of liberty, your relationships in the market, nor your satisfaction derived from productivity when unshackled from the confines of an often times oppressive corporate culture because you may be self-employed.  It would be great if banks spent more time with their analyses of business risk for the self-employed when evaluating credit applications as opposed to pontificating the socio-economics of work.