Beyond Calgary’s Water Pipe Fail

It’s quite interesting to listen to the mayor of Calgary talk water restrictions in lieu of the recent major water main fail. Naturally, the message of conservation is easily heard but for some it’s fallen on deaf ears because the utilization should have dropped more dramatically than it has. 

For good reason the city has asked overtaxed taxpayers to help and we step forward but subconsciously we wonder why with water flowing abundantly through the city in two rivers that such a crisis has emerged. What has the city not done in anticipation of potential water main breaks? Why is it that the city has made decisions to increase urban sprawl via single family dwellings in face of obvious resource limitations and the smaller 21st century family unit? Why do we have office high rises empty in the downtown core thereby impeding the efficient utilization of infrastructure?

I hate to say it but civic generosity is decline and the relatively poor water conservation rate in Calgary in face of a crisis is indicative of the public’s lessening appetite for being neighborly. You see…the income disparity in Canada has grown. Those sensing an inequity wonder whether serving their neighbor any longer serves them altruistically, financially, with their higher power, or the greater good. They turn on the news and see a convicted criminal earn the nomination for a chance at the Presidency. 

So when people are being told how to brush their teeth and skip flushes and scrape their plates without rinse, some will pause and ask…..what about those homeless people you walk by every day? What about the unenforced civil infractions? What about the closed swimming pools? What about the ridiculous tax payer funded public art? What about the bridge we didn’t need? What about frivolous debates amounting to nothing? What about the failure to regulate unnecessary noise? What about…..