Cerebral Yet Delusional

It’s a perplexing phenomenon. We empathize with those who lack capacity but you’ve seen the ones who have been part of your company who on the surface have everything going on intellectually but then fail at logic when confronted with facts which contrast with their preferred ideology. Objectivity is lost when facts conflict with philosophical bias. Those transparent interpretive thinkers come away bemused / disappointed / shocked at the shortcoming of a friend or acquaintance who fails to connect events concisely through to conclusion and wonder if he / her too has been afflicted with online group think, paranoia, fear, or even subversive like resentment. A reference to the “deep state” has captured the imagination of flailing citizens reaching to grasp for reason of circumstance for misfortune, apathy, and an inertia laden lifestyle. Instead of looking within, the despondent gravitate to those looking to assuage. The affinity for fellowship amongst followers begins to define the persona leading to isolation and ultimately impenetrable borders of being. The aberrant becomes the norm. White becomes black and the reasonable take respite and artificial intelligence takes the stage