Blatchford and DiManno on Patrick Brown

What does this blogger think about the demise of ex-Ontario Conservative party leader Patrick Brown. I think it’s sad on all fronts. I’m sad that this man may lack gentleman like courtship etiquette. I’m sad that the anonymous “of age” teenagers were naive enough to put themselves in his private company under the influence of alcohol if they weren’t interested in entertaining an advance. I’m sad that there has been a jump to judgment. I’m sad that there may have been nothing illegal about the encounters and hence there would have been nothing to report at the time and hence nothing material to report now with an upcoming provincial election looming. I’m sad that politicians are referring to these women as “brave” when they have not put themselves in front of a camera identifying themselves in the context of bringing down a man who would have potentially been running the province. I’m sad that few men who may question the veracity of the #metoo campaign will be willing to verbalize for fear of being viewed as “one of them”. I’m sad that our justice system has become light on sanctions of illegal misconduct. I’m sad that people may repress wholesome sex appeal and refrain from socializing with thoughts of distrust amidst feelings of anxiety. I’m sad that select women have been willing to withstand sexual oppression in exchange for profit but then condemn it when convenient. I’m sad that public discourse by elected officials hired by me to serve my country is preoccupied with matters which should be before the courts instead of parliamentary halls. I’m sad that my Prime Minister is so keen to jump to the podium at every incident of reported transgression in his sentient effort of shoring up a political base. I’m sad for dual income parents with children who haven’t taken enough time to teach their kids self worth.

However; I’m grateful for Canadian journalists like Rosie DiManno and Christie Blatchford willing to project the value of due process into the #metoo mantra. I’m grateful for the enormous sector of women who know exactly how to handle a man’s advance if not interested. I’m grateful for the apparent liberty still available today for the single man to pursue his ultimate mate and vice versa. Despite system flaws, I’m grateful that women have a legal mechanism available day and night with no requirement to delay in which to report incidents which can lead to criminal prosecution.