Ceroc in Calgary

It’s been very fun to learn ceroc in Calgary.  Beginners are welcome to every class of this U.K form of modern jive every Monday up in the Thorncliffe community centre and at the Barn in Shawnessy on Tuesdays.  Darren and Claire have a colorful history giving lessons back in England.  Calgary is lucky to have them and you will too because ceroc can be danced to so many genres of music.  It’s all predicated on an eight beat even count and there’s a tremendous variety of tunes that fits this rhythm.  These easy going instructors promote basic patterns at the start of every session.  Then there’s a breakout to more intermediate moves once the hall starts to whisper with the whirl of dancers gliding to the delight of select medleys prepared by Darren.

Come alone because partners rotate throughout the evening or bring that special someone whom will thank ye for a great night out.

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