Ultimate Autonomy

As you know, at a “job”, they’ll only pay you the least amount it takes to retain you. Employees are on the wrong side of capitalism and they will never be paid what they are worth working for someone else. Blooming entrepreneurs are the ones at work that consciously ridicule the water cooler gossip. They are the ones that see problems as challenges. They are constantly looking for better ways to do things and get more productivity out of the day. Blooming entrepreneurs compete to win and stand front and centre in the face of adversity. They fight for what’s right and have a concise vision for implementing common sense solutions. Their sense of esteem is unwavering and unyielding. Their leadership qualities grow in the context of inevitable criticism directed from the contented class. Emerging entrepreneurs begin to learn the satisfaction in nudging the train from its course and ultimately arrive at a destiny shaped by their inner self rather than circumstance of the work place.


Are you an emerging entrepreneur? Below are some signs.


  • You are an enigma, isolated at times
  • You still cringe upon witnessing displays of office politics
  • You believe you can do things better than management
  • A little voice continues to ask why you make such compromises
  • You scheme in your mind while executing the tedious tasks
  • Your spouse senses dissatisfaction in your being

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