1. Let ‘em fly. Maybe you shouldn’t have.
  2. Forget the masks. Oh. I guess we should be wearing them.
  3. Don’t let the cruise ships port. Oh. I guess we compromised their civil liberties.
  4. Marginally pay those long term care workers. Oh. I guess some of those exorbitant doctors salaries should have been budgeted there.
  5. Speak in monotones. Oh. A little passion for corrective measure would have helped.
  6. Ignore the problem and blame oversight on impeachment distraction. Head shaker.
  7. Forget the inventory of PPE. We have doctors to pay.
  8. Implement regulation and then fail to enforce. How many tickets have been issued?
  9. Cell phones as tracking devices. Who pays those cell phone bills?
  10. Codify financial lingo to disguise the effect. I.E. “purchase bonds” vs “print money”.