Pandemic logic

Is it okay to thrust logic into the covid pandemic equation? Let’s start with COVID-19 itself and its name. You see the folks in charge don’t seem to care that much about how they refer to it. First, it was Corona Virus but then someone said – no you can’t call it that because it’s only one type of Corona. Then it was assigned COVID-19 but then youtube was blocking this term because of its sterility and social media wasn’t generating the hits in lieu so folks went back to Corona Virus or “CV”. There seems to be much ambivalence now. Nobody really cares what you call it now because we all get the drift. However; the lack of succinctness in its name reference has eerily paralleled the lack on succinctness in executing policy around its existence.

Who is dying? It is the elderly and those who have “underlying conditions” mostly. Since there are few politically incorrect left who would dare opine online formally on a sensitive topic…i’ll just do it. I’ll say it. The elderly have been treated like second class citizens in the first world and this pandemic has elicited the fact. It’s a virus similar to others but more deadly and if you’re not in good health, it could take you out. Here is the thing – we are all going one day. However; had we treated the elderly better and provided them with the resources fitting of their esteemed contribution to society over their lives, they would have been better equipped to handle the pandemic. The allocation of health care dollars has been disproportionately been paid to doctors over aids to seniors. There is no escaping death but with so much treasure allocated toward health care, many deaths to seniors could have been prevented with better management of health care dollars.

You see. There are consequences to our conduct. If one votes in a lame brain for a President, you should expect poor decision making. If you vote in someone with poor character, expect decision making which reflects self interest instead of the common interest. If a leader doesn’t heed the wisdom of science and medical professionals then expect consequences of such irresponsibility in policy. You get what you ask for. Death could come earlier for you as a result of casting a vote carelessly. It seems like a stretch, right? But it’s not if the dots keep lining up one after another. Just last night Mr. Trump while standing at his podium pontificated injecting the body with “disinfectant” as cure against COVID-19. He did so with a straight face so Anderson Cooper brought in his medical panel for an interview on the subject.

If you hang carcasses of raw meat on the street for sale…are you not asking for a problem? If you don’t do something about the problem, do you really have reason to complain about coming down with a disease? If some government authority believes you are being racist for referencing the idiocy of hanging raw meat in the street, can you not take exception on the premise of simply the meat and the practice as opposed to the skin color of vendors of meat?

The frail needed acute protection at the outset but they were merely administered the same regulatory policy as all others. It wasn’t until long after numerous deaths did officials come to execute more precise protocols around the target market of this virus. Now, a major block of the populous is in lock down and financial quandary paying the price for officials’ complacency in permitting flights after the threat was discovered and interpreted by medical professionals in tandem with a failure to protect the frail with rigor at the outset.