Depending On The State

You either believe in you or you believe in the state caring for your needs. You believe in contributing to your own good health or waste your health and expect your government to pick up the tab for your maladies. You believe you can support your children’s growth or you believe that it’s the state’s responsibility. You believe in a free market with responsible regulation or you believe that your government should dictate how and from whom you should purchase goods and services. You expect that your country should pay its bills or you believe that that perpetual increases in debt and deficits have no consequences. You believe that natural resources should be harvested responsibly or you believe that a service oriented economy will in and of itself will be sufficient to provide for the quality of life that you expect. You believe that leaders should be held responsible for corrupt behavior, or not. You believe that the welfare of your neighbor’s children is their responsibility or you believe that your income taxes paid should subsidize them. You believe in lower taxes with governments strictly burdened with administering services specific to the public good such as roads, the rule of law, public education, disease prevention, and reasonable regulation as opposed to higher taxes attributing resources toward the financing of special interest groups such as artists, industry, or hockey players. You condone wasteful government spending or you do not.