Election Looming

Harry Reid believes the FBI is holding back on a Russia – Trump alliance of sorts and Democrat campaign Chief John Podesta wants to cast fault with FBI Director James Comey for acting his conscience in revealing new information relevant to the country’s national security.  There’s lots of finger pointing to go around with the newest email revelation but the huge fault rests with the electorate which installed delegates assigned to nominating these two highly flawed candidates for the presidency of the United States. With eight days until the election, every fatigued player of this political tempest including voters needs to stand tall on election day and muster a best effort in determining which one of these two characters can practically carry out an agenda for the true betterment of a society.  It’s now up to the individual to administer democracy absent from a strong political foundation traditionally presented by the country’s two main parties.

These are dark days for democracy will pass because cool heads will prevail when a new office of the President comes to power.  Fortunately, there will be stronger apolitical civil servants in the wings eager to execute a mandate.

Of great concern to the U.S. is the embattled monetary system and marginalization of the poor.  Just today, there is unrest in penitentiaries due to perceived enslavement of the incarcerated.  The administration of justice on the streets is an issue as is gun violence.  Elitists in Washington have been blind to the plight of the poor.  Irrespective of the mudslinging during this political season, this illumination should be considered a positive.  Whoever wins this election is going to need to rebuild some form of trust from the unfortunate position of lacking political capital.  Immediate attention will be drawn to demanding international matters while attending to systemic problems of debt, legacy debt, and hopelessness among a large population of African American people.  Legislative cooperation in Washington has been poor during the Obama Administration.  A lot needs to get figured out all at once.  Hopefully some White Knight with a conciliatory tone emerges whom has yet to step forth on a Sunday news segment.