The Girl On The Train

I’m in disagreement with the parade of reviewers who were bored with this flick, The Girl On The Train. I thought Emily Blunt’s performance as a drunk traipsing suburban train tracks was stellar. The opening scene’s suggestion that she had a mere fascination in the lives of others proved to be an understatement. I was enthralled by her depth of obsession into the lives of characters cast into her old neighborhood and the consequence that eavesdropping from a train car would play upon unfolding events.  Her despair was gripping. I thought the pulse and flow of the movie moved in parallel to the plot as it developed and as a suspense mystery it needn’t have demonstrated the flash and effects of an action adventure.  There was eeriness to scenes typical of what one would expect given the story line. Two particular plot twists could have been better developed or omitted.  Not a film for the young ‘uns but you may be transfixed for a time.