Forogotten U.S. Political Allegation

Amidst all the mud-slinging in the U.S. campaign for President, one disturbing allegation has not been scrutinized by the media.  In the third debate, Donald Trump asserted that the ten women (at the time of the debate) who allege that they were sexually harassed or assaulted by him were conspiring with the Democratic Party assumably in an effort to discredit Trump’s character.  I would expect some diligence by some sharp reporter in concert with Trump’s information at hand to present evidence of such a claim. Irrespective of the credibility of the women’s claims, I think it would be in the Republican nominee’s best interest to expose evidence of such an underhanded act by Democrats prior to the election.  Failure to do so simply reduces the credibility of the candidate further.

Americans in their disgust at elitist favouritism, income disparity, outsourced jobs, political purchasing power, and legislative gridlock have been so radicalized that they have repressed the quiet voice in their hearts messaging that this man Trump is coming from the wrong place in a spirit of darkness represented by behavior reminiscent of the grade school play ground bully who lacks in self esteem.  The isolated American feels that this is their best shot when confronted by a system working in opposition to their aspirations.  It’s regrettable and the divisiveness has unfortunately been accentuated.

I, for one, am absolutely astonished by this run up to the November election.  It’s very difficult to trust either candidate and of course “trust” is one paramount value which citizens should reasonably expect assigned to the White House.