Your Internet Power

You’ve all seen the pop up to subscribe for digital news service.  Just say no. You already pay a steep price for internet service while bombarded by peripheral advertisements. Hence; refuse to use the news page which may now have outsmarted your cookie deletion protocol. There are still credible news outlets worthy of your readership. In fact, in Canada your tax dollars support the CBC. To my delight and with the recommendation of a friend, I’ve rediscovered CBC radio as a tremendous resource not only for news but for more thoughtful music play selection compared to the likes of Jack FM or K97.

Big business wants to take you down some path of their liking and I’m seeing evidence that folks are losing self control as a result. Technological advancement does not mean you should jump because some new gadget or media request has come staring you in the face on your computer screen. Your future autonomy is going to be predicated by your absolutism in dealing with foolishness by corporate concerns today!