Further Examination of Trump

A friend of mine has expressed that President Trump’s motives were purely altruistic as he sought the presidency and that he has “looked beyond” the immature behavioural idiosyncracies of the man in lieu of the independence and platform that he brings to the White House. Much of our discussion referenced border protection and the prospect of western values and security being undermined. In spite of my assertion that his character as exhibited through behaviour could negatively impact military decision making, I was at many moments of our healthy debate transfixed by my friend’s passion and degree of confidence that the “deep state” had a lock on influence peddling through the Clintons and Obama.

Consequently, I’m compelled to further examine the purported benevolence of Donald Trump when Trump’s propensity to wield personal insults expresses otherwise.

  1. Although closed door, it’s been reported that he has directly challenged Putin (G20) on proven evidence of Russian attempts of interfering in the November general election despite my perception from reading that he’s not entirely convinced himself.
  2. Sincere testimonials of his good deeds and treatment of minorities were exhibited in his election campaign rallies.
  3. Conviction on policy platform as advertised. (Immigration, border security, trade)
  4. There’s no denying his fight and there’s no bigger battle to win than a better future for all.
  5. Donation of first quarter’s salary toward restoration of war  historical structures. Gesture should not be minimized in context of his means.
  6. Just motive can be ascribed in a yearning to apply skill set of private sector deal making toward public policy and international agreements.
  7. Despite business ties to Russia as cited by Heather Timmons of qz.com, it could be perceived that any such commercial ties to Russia by Trump do not entail any conflict in representing U.S. interests and that “trusts” administered would provide arms length comfort to U.S. citizens.
  8. I’ve not read of any account (not that there’s been none) of any domestic interest group seeking favour from Trump in exchange for political funding.
  9. No executive order within the first 100 days of office has any appearance of contributing to any Trump business gain.
  10. Men of integrity in the twilight of their careers with much to lose have aligned with Trump.