Girl Most Likely

Sometimes I think entertainment pundits forget why we go to the movies.  We go as a form of escape discovering hilarity, empathy and thrill in the misadventures of fictional characters. Those cerebral critics seem to believe that if a story line is overly contrived with outlandish happenstance, then entertainment value is somehow compromised.  On the contrary, A Girl Most Likely has quirky freshness where the writer injects obscure creativity in the character of Ralph, some positivity amongst family dysfunction, and the occasional scene only accommodating to abnormal characters.  Funny dialogue abounds with law enforcement after rear ending of a Porsche by bedeviled protagonist Imogene (Kristen Wiig). Sex is normalized without an F bomb dropped even once.  A reptilian shell encapsulates in more ways than one. Weirdness becomes triumphant.  The elite become lame.  What’s not to “like”.