Magic Land Eau Claire

James Jordan is much more than a magician.  I incidentally caught his show today and it’s is full of spontaneity and personality delighting adults and children alike.  His sharp wit captures the wonderment of a crowd perplexed by his playful persona.  It may be a sign of the times but on this beautiful spring day in a Calgary city centre park where belly laughs were many and the mood pulsed with joy, there were still some peculiar indifferent souls on a Sunday apparently too busy to stop and watch a man blessing a city with tricks, comedy, and charisma.  It got me to thinking that humanity is overlooking the obvious appeal of play and its right role as nourishment to the mind’s need for balance and harmony.  For those who laughed instinctually today, I commend you.  For those who gave James Jordan some attention today I commend you too.  And, for those who materially supported James Jordan – you’ve done more than remunerated a man but you’ve culturally endowed your town.