McCain Unnerves Trump

Neither Trump nor McCain have apparently read chapter two of “How To Win Friends and Influence People”.  Hurling insults is always cause for grief.  Having followed American politics for some time, I can espouse with confidence that John McCain loves hearing himself speak almost as much as Trump.  In McCain’s zeal to cast condemnation on Trump over Trump’s bizarre presentation of the illegal immigration issue, he himself has emblazoned a target on his chest as do all soldiers when they step up to the front line of battle.  Had McCain less frequently made reference to his military service while addressing the senate on matters of national security, and less frequently made appearances on the Sunday morning talk show circuit, perhaps Trump’s sarcasm would have been muted.  I underscore, “perhaps” because the handlers are obviously of the opinion that allowing him to free wheel at the mic have been serving polls well to date.

Rick Perry has tweeted that, Trump in this latest suggestion that a captured McCain is not a war hero amount to Trump being unfit as a candidate for the presidency.  You can guarantee that the Trump campaign will be firing back that Perry is unfit given his big brain freeze during debating for the candidacy during the last presidential run at which time Perry excused himself given a prescription medicine regime.

I have never been so entertained while watching folks debase themselves of intelligence while running for the highest office in the land.  Apparently much of Trump’s appeal has arisen due to use of cut off sentences, interjection, and hyperbole as particularly illustrated by his favourite word “disaster”.

Does Trump have the gall for allocating resources for researching McCain’s military service as means of resurrecting apparent breaches in his own credibility?  Will the term “swiftboating” return as a term bandied by pundits during this latest trek for top spot – this time among Republicans?