Nigel Wright Culpable?

Is Nigel Wright culpable? In one word and in my opinion, yes.  Our courts are now investigating this tawdry affair of cover up perpetrated from the office of our Prime Minister.  Nigel Wright knew what he was doing and he is apparently a man of intellect having earned large sums of money in the private sector as a business man.  He attempted to make a bad situation go away by paying back money to our government on behalf of a government colleague.  Had Mr. Wright not been aware why this debt of a colleague had arisen, and a personal loan was made to colleague, Mike Duffy, then there would be no culpability for breach of trust.  Had there been full disclosure to the auditor general with respect to the repayment of funds via predetermined protocol given the circumstance along with a statement from Mr. Duffy that he had a misunderstanding of travel expense allowances, us taxpayers through the courts may not have been dragged into this legal affair.  Instead it was ego and naivety on full display.  Ego with respect to fellow politicians wanting to castigate Duffy for their own sense of inflated righteousness and Mr. Wright’s naivety for an earnest desire to help but from a place of paternalism thinking that us Canadians need not to have known that something unbecoming of our institution was unfolding.  Somebody should have been approving these expense accounts before payment.  It will be interesting to see if there were breached internal controls at work and why?  Sanctions for Wright?  My impression of him is that he had good intentions and my sense is that he became disoriented from good judgment due to variables that may have been operating inside the Prime Ministers office.