Some News Satire for June 20, 2017

“Trump is averaging 2.1 false claims per day” (The Toronto Star).  You wouldn’t say.

Attorney General of the U.S. Jeff Sessions hires a private lawyer.  LOL.

Matador gets killed on the job.  News worthy?  Have you seen what they do for a living?

Megyn Kelly takes on Alex Jones over Sandy Hook.  Thanks for givin’ it the good ‘ol college try Megyn.

Jason Kenney calls for strict candidate screening for new Alberta party.  The smaller the field, better chances for him perhaps?

Calgary deploys flood mitigation effort.  Little late wouldn’t you say?

Baby fighting for first breath underwater in bath tub birth develops Legionnaires disease.  Perhaps, there’s a message here somewhere.

NTSB decides not to draw a conclusion after self driving Tesla car crashes in Florida having learned that system commander recommended seven times that driver take over.