The Concept of Cooperation

Acts of ego among those over fifty still leaves me awestruck in spite of others’ desensitization.  It must be my placing in the sibling chronology or my passion for self determination which perplexes me while witnessing others at work in their coercive self centered ways.

Thankfully, I’ve been self employed over the past decade and although there’s the occasional client who seeks to inject an unnecessary tone to deliberations, for the most part, I’ve exculpated myself from the inner workings of a power centered work subculture.  In fact, my compulsion not to be complicit in such an energy dynamic by middle age had much to do with starting my own company.  I had let it be a driving force in generating commercial enterprise.  So, what does this preamble have to do with “the concept of cooperation”?  Can competitiveness and cooperation coexist? Is ego required in order to stimulate competitive fire?

I contend that ego has been and always will be an element in the competitive make up of many.  The altruists operating on a self actualized plane will have dissolved ego within their competitive make up.  They will be focused on the end user in any and all transactions and hence; any ego driven pain body (term borrowed from Eckhart Tolle) will be eliminated.  It’s an evolutionary process inherent only to those who care enough to define experiences in ones’ mind with a secondary objective to move down a continuum of behavior optimization.  We optimize and then ultimately return to a place of peaceful pure spontaneity with ego driven from our past.

Every single day we influence in some way shape or form whether positively or negatively.  In your spirit of cooperation, you’ll be tempering the egoic flame, hitting some life highlights, and progressing down a path more passionate.