The Depraved Trump

Yet another tidbit of evidence of the depraved Trump.

Yet another tidbit of evidence showcasing Trump as depraved. “Former President Donald Trump said Saturday that he wouldn’t protect a NATO nation that didn’t contribute enough defense funds and, instead, he’d ‘encourage’ Russia ‘to do whatever the hell they want.'”

Apparently even this statement is now being rationalized by the Republican spineless. In fact, Marco Rubio (remember the guy with the small hands) has come to Trump’s defence.

The statement certainly serves up juicy table scraps. Oh ya….corroborated the quote from video given that it came from “mainstream media” – for those keeping score.

Should we be surprised that a man of this character given his trouble with the law would espouse such drivel?

Will we see Mrs. Haley take off the gloves and go to work purposefully in educating the populous about the perils of poor character in high office? Will she speak to the disillusionment and hopelessness of Americans who find solace in a depraved voice?

Will the fearful stand up for virtue, honor, the war dead, and truth by denouncing the ugly man Donald Trump for all that he is and his unworthiness in leading Americans. Since the constitution of the U.S. has been ambiguous in preventing this man from seeking the Presidency given his track record, it may come down to the conscience of citizens bestowed a responsibility. Are citizens up to the task?