The Obvious Question in Comey’s Dismissal

Since the Deputy Press Secretary basically wiped the floor with journalists today, I’ll ask the obvious… was this Director of the FBI onto something in regard to the Russia / Trump connection which the White House came to learn leading to the firing?  Not only are there allegations that Russia interfered with the U.S. election, but Donald Trump was praising Russia during the election campaign peculiarly when Russia had recently invaded an autonomous nation while sympathizing with the Syrian Assad regime.  What is one to think?  Is it some financial interest in Russia which has had Trump adorning Vladimir Putin with praise during the election campaign?  When you fire the Director of the FBI who possesses a ten year term representative of an office needing distance from political influence, there are going to be some very serious questions that arise.  When both sides of the political aisle voice both confidence and non-confidence at various times during this man’s sensitive post and tenure, could it be that his objectivity in alignment with a purpose of national security was executed dutifully in the face of political pressure?  When nobody is happy with a man operating with such responsibility, it frankly leaves me comforted.  Upon witnessing the immature bully like behavior of this President of the United States during the election campaign, I would not put it past him to fire the Director of the FBI for fear of potential reprisals arising from actions undertaken by a smart man doing his job.  If you behave like a moron, don’t be surprised if people question your capacity for leading the free world with responsible unselfish decisions.