Growing Indifference Toward Infractions

I think it’s high time that attention is drawn to petty civil infractions.  This morning I’m sitting at a stop light when some imbecile ahead drops a tissue from his driver side window onto the pavement.  In Cincinnati a child lies unconscious from a bullying incident inside a school entrance.  Whether it’s spitting on the sidewalk, short cutting through private property, irresponsible driving habits, untimely texting, or impatient outbursts with service agents, incidents of intemperance and aberration are reducing our quality of life.  With every act of social selfishness and disdain for the public’s interest, we reduce ourselves to beings absent from moral consciousness.  Ultimately social fabric is weakened when the perception of fellow man loses appeal.  As bylaws go unenforced, apathy pervades and a frustration builds in the ideologue engulfed in quizzical awe of mankind’s mediocrity.

The City of Calgary will no longer incarcerate for by law enforcements.  Politicians focused on income tax receipts are blind to the potential for revenue from civil fines.  With municipal budgets overly honed on police pickup trucks and pension plans, our officers neglect to monitor our traffic intersections.  Photo radar targets the inconsequential, while drivers engage in crosswalk incursions.  Self centered unionized civil servants maybe working hard at defining their retirement but maybe less so at preserving a quality of life deserving among high tax paying citizens.

My recommendation for public officials is to get serious about convicting criminals irrespective of the severity of a crime while enacting strict monetary penalties namely the garnishment of wages.  The legal profession must do its part in processing cases in manner of time that represents common sense and affordability.  The long term effect of failing to administer justice is the degradation of a nation.