Why Ski?

If you live in Western Canada and you don’t have a winter sport…consider downhill skiing. Here’s why I enjoy it so much.

  • The Excitement

It’s outside of your routine and you’ll be amongst others like minded and keen in their pursuit of adventure

  • The Landscape

You’ll be astonished by the horizon draped in glaciated peaks as you take a moment having exited the mountain’s highest elevated lift.

  • The Comraderie

You’ll be trading stories about mountains, runs, conditions, and travel.

  • The Finesse

Carving the snow and negotiating terrain become objectives of pursuit. A skill set develops in the spirit of continuous improvement.

  • Natures Separateness

You will forget your day job. You will have escaped.

  •  Safety

Start with lessons and advance. There is no rush. You will not break a leg. Equipment offers protection.

  • Testing Comfort

Can you advance in terrain from season to season and challenge your fears?

  • Travel

Experience uniqueness in every mountain and every community

  • Family bonding

It’s something you guys can do together.

  • The Anticipation

No two ski trips will be alike.