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Immunization From Negativity

If not careful in this information age, one can become overexposed to the phenomenon of what I like to call “inspiration deadening” and consequently one must continually strengthen one’s immunization from  negativity in order to keep the success path flowing.  The mind requires exercise in order for it to filter out meaningless chatter from useful data.  Unfortunately, most people’s filtering mechanism is weak and subject to anything and everything it encounters.  Instead of whizzing through uninterruptedly, extraneous information gets absorbed, digested and interpreted in a context where it doesn’t belong.  An excessive manifestation of such mind activity contributes to paranoia like behavior.

Dr. Robert Cialdini is his book “Influence” makes reference to the power of a collective pattern of behaviors when ascribing a typical response anticipated from a new cast of characters.  Without citing the numerous examples highlighted by Cialdini, people are unfortunately drawn into behaviors principally because of other’s responses first without exercising their own cognition in interpreting events.  Advertisers love you!  A purchasing decision is apparently directly correlated with star power given the endorsement money paid to celebrities and athletes. You love companies because you follow the stars.  You are influenced highly according to Dr. Cialdini.

The bigger question then goes begging, if you are so significantly influenced, what does this say about your own personal power when it comes to exercising intuition about your strengths unbeknownst to the influencers?

At any instant in time someone is writing something negative on the internet and you are either purposefully ignorant of its message, open to suggestion but off line, reading and filtering, or reading and absorbing.  You’ve perhaps already experienced family forces from an alien domain.

Your potential is huge but it can be eroded through suggestion from people who have no business entering the passageway to your glorious self revelation.  You are developing your own personal protocol for immunization from negativity.

Boorish Pouters At The Open

Do permit me to stand up and condemns the on court antics of the spoiled brat boorish pouters at the Open.  Professional tennis players apparently have either never comprehended or have totally lost sense of the good sportsmanship qualities which foster healthy competition thereby contributing to the good of the game.  Players are not the only ones responsible.  Sports broadcasters and news media outlets as well as chair umpires contribute to the phenomenon of on court pouts by either outright condoning the behaviour as a cathartic necessity or compelled to believe that the highlight reel will be incomplete without the imagery of a racquet being destroyed.  Sponsors show no particular disdain for the character behind their product representatives.  Does an umpire feel intimidated should they actually levy a penalty against the skulking multimillionaire whiner who plays a sport for a living while Joe Family guy who treats his daughter to a special event gets to explain away the proceedings during the car ride home?  It’s frankly shameful.

Right Honorable Joe Clark Meets Blair

Was strolling through the Eau Claire market in here in Calgary yesterday afternoon and there he was sitting by himself on a bench in the middle of the Eau Claire market.  I couldn’t believe it.  Walked about 10 feet past and thought, that couldn’t really be Joe Clark – a Prime Minister with one of the shorter tenures to power in our country’s history.  Turned back and introduced myself and thanked him for his public service.  I sat briefly and he turned the conversation directly to me asking about what I do and where I’m from.  Upon mentioning that I was born in Red Lake, I thought of the few folks who know where this is, he just may given his travels throughout his political career.   He had indeed but before we could follow up, Maureen was waving him on as she exited a shop.

Media’s Contribution To Dysfunction

I enjoy reading news articles on the internet.  However; it may become more difficult to access good articles in the future due to this incessant compulsion for news outlets to have us “register” for their service.  Up to now, clearing browser cookies regularly has reset the limited article count back to zero.   Advertisement dollars do not appear to be sufficient for news outlets and they want your credit card.   The quality of writing and information flow doesn’t seem to justify it.

On July 15th the Vancouver Sun has directed us to “How To Beat Grief of Lost Job”.  Folks might count themselves lucky rather than load internet space with unfounded grief. Also on July 15th Christie Blatchford from Postmedia News suggests that Calgary deserves to know more about the case of missing grandparents and child in spite of the Police Chief entailing that their murder prosecution would possibly be compromised.  What business is it of mine or yours assuming we have confidence in our police force!

Then there’s the story of the unripe square water melons aired by CTV News on this same day.  Apparently a Vancouver retailer is asking $199.99 for each.  If the purpose of this story to illuminate the idiocy of humanity, rest assured, we are witness to this on frequent days simply driving the city streets.

How about the J Crew story (once again on the very same day of July 15th) whereby eating disorder experts are expressing indignant retorts to the announcement that J Crew will produce 000 sized clothes for women.  Capitalism is a great construct.  Boycott their stores in protest by not shopping there!  I’m not stopping you and neither are other sojourners of cyber space.

…..and for the small sampling of stories not covered but of interest to a civil society seeking justice, security, growth, and perpetual liberty:

  1. Strength of monetary system
  2. Scrutiny of policy platforms of Alberta Progressive Conservative candidates
  3. Canadian arctic sovereignty
  4. Legal system’s shortcomings
  5. Public expenditures – waste versus value
  6. Reflections on successful functioning social, business, and governmental constructs

Message to the producers of news…you are losing your way and your credibility by seeking the incredulous rather than matters consequential of mankind’s future well being.

Driven by Robert Herjavec

If you are considering starting a business, or if you are in business but considering making some changes,  I highly recommend this book, Driven by Robert Herjavec.  Although  Herjavec  does not gravitate toward the minutiae of running a firm, he effectively communicates the values required to achieve success as well as referencing particular circumstances inevitable to all business owners.  In this referencing, he proposes that business owners have responsibilities to multiple parties and it is in this context that decisions are based.  Herjavec is unapologetic about his humble roots and how his modest beginnings were instrumental in driving him passionately forward in business.  A contrast is drawn between those who “pitch” business concepts on the “Dragon’s Den” and himself as the more pragmatic business administrator without the “MBA”.

Herjavec illustrates the situation which propelled him in business at the earliest stage and what I remember thinking at the time of reading was how decisive he was at the most critical of times in a virtually undiscovered technological landscape.  His value system is on display throughout the book and evidently was paramount in the assembly of teams required for achievement.

Simple rules of thumb are presented in the context of business decisions.  Lifestyle issues are addressed as well as the personal characteristics required to excel in a business pursuit.  A philosophical perspective is cited when confronted with banking and regulatory matters.  The creative element is highlighted as is one critical common cause leading to regression.

You will not acquire any technical administrative skill from this book but you will come away thinking that some like Herjavec thrive amidst chaos and from there flows finance.

Excusitis, The Failure Disease

Had the good opportunity to speak publicly on excusitis after reading the second chapter of The Magic of Thinking Big.  If you haven’t read it yet – jump to it.  Millions of copies sold for good reason.  David J. Schwartz exclaims, “study the lives of successful people and you’ll discover this:  all the excuses made by the mediocre fellow could be but aren’t made by the successful person. “  “Each time an excuse is made, it gets buried deeper within the subconscious mind. “

Schwartz goes on to explain his characterizations of the different types of “excusitis”.  Namely, health, brains, age, and luck.  Have you heard the saying made famous by Dave Severn,”’A’ students end up teaching while ‘B’ students end up working for ‘C’ students?”  You see the “C” student learned early that making the brain excuse wasn’t going to keep him in the competition.  Hence; his resourcefulness elevated earlier in life and consequently leadership qualities emerged amidst a marginally lower intellectual capacity.  Intellects rationalize while pragmatists create results.  Oversimplified perhaps but you’ve undoubtedly witnessed the stammering professor versus the enthusiastic achiever.  Enthusiastic achievers remove every excuse possible.  They roll up their sleeves and will not permit the annoyance of an inward or outward variable from stopping them from getting what they want.  This burning desire keeps the spirit at the boiling point from day to day.  There is no lull.  The thirst for creation is never quenched.  In such a state, what others make up to be “excuses” are characterized more aptly as “annoyances”.  These “annoyances” never require reference.  They are unspoken and compartmentalized in a sector of the subconscious mind never needing recall.

Schwartz’ book in totality is a treat…..especially if you find yourself in a rut and require a liberating force through the written word.

Top Ten Safe Driving Tips

Top Ten Driving Tips

  1. Many lack merging skills so move to the left when you can.
  2. Hazard lights aid drivers behind when arriving in stopped freeway traffic.
  3. Do not tailgate.  It’s rude and beckons trouble.
  4. Make turns into your near lane.  Then look for position.
  5. Never ever pass from the curb.  A pedestrian could die.
  6. Look to create distance.  Stay clear of the maniacs.  You know they are out there.
  7. Drive deliberately and decisively with acuity for the conditions.
  8. Distracted driving.  Amazing phenomenon. Should go without saying.
  9. Heeding behaviour of others will increase your reaction time.
  10. Look both ways when going through green.

Should You Compete

Should you compete?   I contend you should.  Mankind’s betterment and the fulfillment of one’s individual aspirations are served by competition.  The motivating instinct is bread from dissatisfaction.  Should it be the Jones’ next door that you source as your opponent.  No, but it should be someone who has what you want so that you can get your own or better so long as the target  is inherent to yours or society’s common good.

The notion of not competing puts one on a path of contentment which can be instilled from feedback accumulated over time that one may not deserve victory.  Your boss certainly doesn’t want you to compete.  He doesn’t want you to take his job.  Your spouse doesn’t want you to compete for fear that the relationship becomes imbalanced.  Your pastor doesn’t want you to compete lest it create anxiety around scripture interpretations.  Your teacher doesn’t want you to compete considering  it might make work by stressing curriculum boundaries.  Yet, our system of economics in western civilization is set up for you to compete and some lack want of a win. Regressing from competition is akin to defining oneself by losing when in essence losing should be considered a seed for future growth.   We were all born to win but the aforementioned feedback loops creates sideline dwellers.

When teams are destined to miss the playoffs, players don’t become motivated to lose as an incentive to earn a better draft pick.  Players fight for a victory in pursuit of excellence and pride for what they do.  It is an instinct of the human form which cannot be denied.  You are no different with exception to possible cognitive forces arising from environment.

The zero sum game doesn’t always apply.  Win win relationships and transactions are created everyday by people keen to compete.


Ambushed At Walmart

So now that Target has compromised your data, Walmart has it figured that
they are going to welcome you home. You can now expect an intrustion into
your Walmart shopping experience by an “interceptor”. Apparantly, Walmart
Canada has installed them into stores so that they can come up to you and
ask if you have yet received your free $25. Oh of course, they will simply
execute the “assumptive close” by asking your name for their application
form. You won’t know who they are, whether they are a third party promotion
company and you will certainly not be honored with an “excuse me” and a
formal introduction. In short, you will be ambushed.

Alberta’s Sunshine List

I haven’t read it yet although it’s been available in the public domain for a week now.  Government bureaucrats are making serious dough and they don’t want you to know about it even though as Albertans – you pay their salary.  Not surprisingly, more than 300 folks in your government earn more than $100,000 per year.  They push paper, defer decisions, and scamper along cathedral halls with elevated chins in Henry Singer suits.  Oh yes….if there’s a whiff of relevance in a seminar trip to the tropics in February – they’ll be on that junket.  Suddenly everyone is Nelson Mandela’s old friend when he dies and Alberta needs “representation” half way around the world.  This positions these same folks to sit down with public sector unions and negotiate on behalf of me the taxpayer.  Have your roads been cleared yet here in February from the November snow fall?  Oh ya….it’s a municipal problem.