First Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate went off largely as expected with Trump doing some bulldozing while Clinton exalted in elitism. Unfortunately for the campaigns, neither attribute is appealing to the undecided. Advisors will be reeling in frustration wondering what it’s going to take for their candidates to draw affinity from swing voters. Much of Trump’s message has been strong but his propensity for wielding insults is a simple character flaw unfitting of the presidency. This messenger does in fact “live in his own reality” as characterized by Mrs. Clinton last night.

Of course in the interests of national security, the thousands of emails produced by Mrs. Clinton from her private server should not be released and suggesting their release as a predicate for Trump releasing his tax return is exemplary of poor mental capacity.  Trump appears to lack the ability to hold his tongue long enough to formulate cohesive strategic remarks.  He is reactionary and boorish. His manner suggests that every conceived action is perpetrated from any and all perceptions of another’s weakness.  Although at times expressing empathy for the underprivileged, one is left curious about his sincerity.  I contend that one massive ego at the helm of the world’s largest military power is not a formula for long lasting world peace.  The conservative message was squandered in a fashion similar to substantial tax receipts entrusted to Washington and those would be tax receipts from Trump had he not had access to loopholes for the wealthy.