Robyn Hood Chronicles Beginnings

Robyn Hood Chronicles, Beginnings, is a masterful work in adventure written by the mysterious Cam Clark.  I’ve always known Cam to be this quiet spoken fellow with some kind of bottled up force awaiting release. He had told me of a project some four years ago over lunch and despite my prodding, the evolution of this book stayed as serene as his disposition.  It has been very well worth the wait.

The architecture of this craft has many moving parts dealing with the present and the past.  The writing is eloquent and characters are illuminated in terms that radiate emotion.  Particular characters are awarded their own voice providing opportunity for apt reflection.

It’s riveting because of the proximity you feel to the action.  What you and I take for granted becomes an obvious challenge for actors enlivened by peculiar circumstances.  Value inscribed motives are inherent to decisions sought by the protagonist.  Interpersonal subtleties among players have implications as we learn late.  Intense moments of drama recede but take precedence in the ultimate unfolding of Robyn’s quest.

I highly recommend this book!