Founding Fathers Never Envisioned Trump

I suppose some people are surprised this morning upon reading news of Trump’s latest despicable tweets (referencing MSNBC Morning Joe hosts).  Frankly I’m not when one takes a hard look at the character of the man in lieu of his behavior during the presidential campaign where he mocked a disabled man, made reference reporter Megyn Kelly’s biological cycle during a verbal interlude between them, felt compelled with reactionary immaturity and obvious low self esteem to make a Phallic reference to his hands on national TV, outright insulted presidential candidate Rand Paul during debate, proudly bragged about “grabbing women’s genitals” during an apparent “locker room talk” encounter, not to mention the more innocuous yet disturbing insults obviously wielded during his storied law suit infested career.

Parents, I understand the task of isolating this anomaly as an outlier of the success formula as you go about your duty of teaching principles of success, kindness, respect, and dignity to your kids.  It’s simply too bad that this outlier happened to climb atop the highest office in the land.  Let it be a lesson to those in the positions of political power that if you ignore or marginalize a segment of society and this segment mutates aggressively, expect the unexpected and the potential for a degradation in your espoused values when they assign a leader such as Donald Trump.