Legal System’s Pace and Pamela Wallin

Why is Pamela Wallin back in the news?  Why isn’t she in jail, exonerated, or broke from retribution for her wily ways as a Senator?  Is it just for a journalistic feeding frenzy to prey on every legal uptick in proceedings for years ad nauseam?  If there was an audit done to her expense receipt claims as Senator, would not these findings be easily corroborated with her schedule and matched to her business travel dates?  Could not these revelations be compared directly to conflict and ethics rules established by parliamentary procedure?  Could not this all be done already so that we the people and Pamel Wallin could get on with our lives?  How is it that only on this date of March 31st, 2015 that the RCMP can be still “alleging” when she was turfed from office some fifteen months ago?  Apparently, the wheels of justice move slow and I’m afraid this is more evidence it moves at a pace favouring the billing files of lawyers and the pocketbooks of Canadian taxpayers responsible for the salaries of our RCMP.