Living Life Large

Living life large is a phrase which captures the totality of our everyday existence and can be implemented as a backdrop in accordance with our behavioural decisions.

Living life large translates into the progressive realization of a worth-while dream.  It is the unfolding of a vigorous path executed with passion often times without fanfare and frequently in conflict with the mindset of the mediocre.  Living life large has much to do with risk taking and little to do with acquiescing to others’ expectations.  The trivial is never encountered.  Priorities are perfectly placed and background noise is muted.  Any partnering is like a pact because the cause has total commitment.  It is a concisely orchestrated agenda which works upward in the hierarchy of needs culminating in a distinct contribution to society.  Yes, it is self serving at first but gravitates towards a utopian feeling of joy emanating from purpose served.